Shark Week Socks KAL

It’s that time of year again.  The summer sun bears down on us earthlings with a vengeance, parching the ground, drying small ponds and sending us scuttling indoors where we shelter from the heat with our air conditioners, swamp coolers or just plain fans.  The public pools smell of sunscreen and are packed with children jumping and splashing and not paying attention to where they’re doing it.  A cracked skull may be in your future if this is your venue for cooling down.

If you’re lucky enough, you live close to the ocean; close to a large mass of water that regulates the temperature and cleans the air and is fun to frolic in with plenty of room.  No cracked skulls there.  You are fortunate.  You are blessed.  You are also probably wealthy, or are living in the house your great-great grandparents purchased back in the day, and it’s staying in the family.  Either way, it must be sweet.

Except I would never get in the water.  I’d be hanging out at the public pools – if such a thing exists next to the beach – and taking my chances with the splashing, jumping kids.  And the reason for that?  Sharks.  I was okay with going in the water until I turned 12.  “Jaws” the book and movie changed my mind.  Since then, I have learned of other, valid reasons why one shouldn’t go in the ocean, but the most dramatic and compelling justification for avoiding the open seas remains the movie.  And what better way to celebrate the fact the I’m freaked out than knit a pair of cool socks during Shark Week!

The Knit-A-Long starts on the 23rd of this month, so you just may be able to get your yarn in time if you want to join the fun.  This will be my first KAL and I’m excited.  If you rolled your eyes at that last statement, you are not a knitter!

See you in the funny pages!

Lovely, squishy yarn!

Click on pic to get Lara Smoot’s Shark Bite II sock pattern available on Ravelry


Knitting While the Plumber Works


Knitting my gauge swatch for a top I’m creating and listening to all the industrial sounds the plumber is making. The soothing clicking of my needles is offset by the booming of my house being repaired.

My husband conversing with the wise workman in the other room, murmuring sounds of agreement and disappointment.

Click. Click.

ceiing disaster

What we found upon coming back from an expedition to IKEA. I had already removed the sheetrock at this time.

ceiling disaster 2

Murmur murmur

Down Time

I don’t know…socks and me are maybe not such a good combo.  I believe I have found a good sock pattern that I’ll actually be able to use on my feet during business hours; HOWEVER, I’m 70% finished with the pair, and I’m stalling.  I have all these wonderful ideas backed on my project list – you know, the one we all keep in our head (writing it out didn’t help) – just clamoring for me to get started.  And I refuse, repeat, refuse to have more than one project going at a time.  This leads to anarchy and chaos…in my crafting life, at least.  I’ve even dressed up the socks by not following a color pattern and just doing random stripes color changes, but to no avail.  It lies dormant in my customized projects back, the zipper hiding my shame from me.  If I put all my efforts forth from the point on, I could have them ready for wear by tomorrow.  *sigh*

Well, at least all this inactivity is giving the carpal tunnel in my left hand a break.

In the meantime, the drought continues unabated here in California and my wonderful pine meadows are all dried and withered.  The dogs don’t seem to mind too much; they just roll around in the dirt, flinging their legs this way and that.  That of course, leads to wasting more water because I now have filthy dogs that cannot go back in the house.  It all evens out in the end.