Down Time

I don’t know…socks and me are maybe not such a good combo.  I believe I have found a good sock pattern that I’ll actually be able to use on my feet during business hours; HOWEVER, I’m 70% finished with the pair, and I’m stalling.  I have all these wonderful ideas backed on my project list – you know, the one we all keep in our head (writing it out didn’t help) – just clamoring for me to get started.  And I refuse, repeat, refuse to have more than one project going at a time.  This leads to anarchy and chaos…in my crafting life, at least.  I’ve even dressed up the socks by not following a color pattern and just doing random stripes color changes, but to no avail.  It lies dormant in my customized projects back, the zipper hiding my shame from me.  If I put all my efforts forth from the point on, I could have them ready for wear by tomorrow.  *sigh*

Well, at least all this inactivity is giving the carpal tunnel in my left hand a break.

In the meantime, the drought continues unabated here in California and my wonderful pine meadows are all dried and withered.  The dogs don’t seem to mind too much; they just roll around in the dirt, flinging their legs this way and that.  That of course, leads to wasting more water because I now have filthy dogs that cannot go back in the house.  It all evens out in the end.

Quick Clarification About My Job

There appears to be some misunderstanding as to what a cannabis clinic is, and what is my role there.  The cannabis clinic I work at is NOT a dispensary; it is a doctor’s office.  Real doctors with real life experience working with regular people.  They see patients on an individual basis, just like when you see your family doctor.  There is no marijuana (that I’m aware) in the office, unless patient’s who need it on hand bring it with them, and even then, this is just a guess for me, because I’ve never seen any.  No one has yet to whip out a joint and blaze one up in the office!

We also recommend holistic approaches to pain management such as massage, acupuncture, meditation and so on.  We’re all aware that some of the people who come in are most likely abusing the privilege, but this is something that also happens with pharmaceutical medications.  For the most part, the patient’s who come in are using marijuana for legitimate reasons.

And no, I do not use cannabis for medical or recreational reasons!

Any questions?



A Freebie, An Old Friend and A Job

I know, I'm wearing short sleeves and a neck warmer...

Click on this beautiful pic of moi, and you will be directed to the pdf file.

You know how sometimes you just want to knit some wicked cables without the commitment of a sweater, cardigan, etc?  I was feeling that way for quite some time when it dawned on me that I could make a neckwarmer.  Simple, quick and utilitarian (at least when it gets cold).

A week or two ago I meandered into a Tuesday Morning shop.  For those of you unfamiliar with this particular chain, think Big Lots, Pick ‘N Save (which I believe has been out of biz forever?) and other such establishments.  I hadn’t been to one here in Northern California yet, and wanted to discover what treasure lay therein.  Oh boy.  Fifty buckaroos later, I’m walking out with 7 skeins of name brand yarn and mentally trying to rearrange the grocery shopping so I can afford this.  Oops.  Part of the haul was the yarn I used to make this neckwarmer.  I doubt you’ll be able to find the exact color, and unless you’re a ginger, you probably wouldn’t want this exact color!  Anyway, if you feel so inclined, click on the pic and you’ll be directed to the pattern.  If anyone makes it, I would totally love to see it!

Which brings me to gingers.  (Oh, hush up.  Ladies, you know how circular thought processes work!)  Years ago, I met my first ginger friend.  For those of you who aren’t blessed with pasty white skin, red hair, sandy eyebrows and eyelashes, you probably aren’t aware that we are, quite literally, a minority, and it can be difficult to hook up with another redhead.  I have been blessed with two very good ginger friends, one I hadn’t been in touch with for quite some time.  Enter:  Twitter.  I had googled my friend’s name for awhile, but search engines, especially when you’re looking for a person, have a tendency to give you local results.  I knew she wasn’t local, so after awhile, I gave up.  It wasn’t until I got a wild hair and thought to use my Twitter account.  I didn’t find her directly, but I found where she works and we’ve been trying to get together ever since.  It’s just so exciting to reconnect with someone you’ve missed, looked at those old pictures and actually have her recipes in your old, overstuffed recipe binder, that I had to write about it!

The job.

This is one of those peculiar, kismet type situations.  I really wasn’t looking for work, but I felt I needed more structure to my life.  I’m one of those people.  Anyway, I happened upon Craigslist and thought, why not look in the employment section?  For office type jobs, Craigslist listings are rife with scams, work from home garbage and generally unhelpful crap.  This one post caught my eye because it was local and was for a cannabis clinic.  Here in California, medical marijuana is legal.  Intrigued, I responded to the ad and didn’t expect an answer.  A week later, I was called in for an interview.  The interview was the most honest I’ve ever conducted.  You know what I mean.  We all do it.  It’s not deception or lying, but when you’re in an interview, you present yourself in the best light possible.  It just makes sense.  This time, I turned off the filters and threw aside the “work interview” mind mode.  The lady interviewing me identified herself as the boss, and I actually liked her, so I thought, nah.  I ain’t getting this job.  Surprise!  I went in for a working interview, and that went well.

So now I have an interesting part time job.  :-D

See you in the funny pages!



Really Cool Pattern for a Really Cool Purse/Tote!

Here’s another one of my lovely creations available at my Etsy shop!  Really, I was proud of myself for making this.  I wanted a sturdy purse to carry all my necessary junk, so I had to make it up as I went.  I think I will make another one with multi-colors!  I’m thinking of making this a freebie here on WordPress for about a week.  If I hear some feedback, I’ll definitely do it.

See you in the funny pages!

My purty purse!

My purty purse!