New Giveaway!

This is my new giveaway offer, geared more towards the crafters out there.  I had to think about this one and finally came up with an option that would make a suitable gift.  So, I have decided to part ways with a lovely wool from Knit Picky Andean Treasures line, in a great color called Embers.  There’s 3 skeins, 330 yards total of DK Peruvian goodness.

Stacked all pretty.

Stacked all pretty.

Artistic, yet simple.

Artistic, yet simple.









In order to enter,  go to my Facebook page, and like the post that announces the giveaway.  This counts as “one”.  If you want two extra entries, share the post!  When I reach 207 likes on my page,  I will make a video of the drawing and post/announce it on my page.

Good luck!

Errata – change in giveaway!

This is what I announced on my FB page earlier today.

“Speaking of giveaways, I am chagrined to withdraw my current giveaway, as it doesn’t look like I’m going to make the required 207 likes before Halloween! Besides, I did get some input that, since you all are knitter and crocheters, a finished product is not the best way to go.
I agree! So, with that in mind, I’m going to do a giveaway with some boss yarn from my stash (sob)! I’ll fill in the details later as I think of them – LOL!”

So sorry, but we shall carry on!

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Knit and Crochet Weather

There’s a definite nip in the air and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn colors.  Whee!  With an adieu to summer (I’ve never been keen on that season, except when I lived in England), I am going through my yarn stash and deciding on what to use for which project.  More than likely, I will finish one before I run out to the yarn shops and purchase some more, work on a few from that, and start the cycle again – LOL!  I’m currently working on a pair of autumn colored socks – no, not self-striping yarn – of which you may or may not have read.  By and large, it’s mostly bitching.  I have a love-hate relationship going on with socks, but with each pair I knit, I learn something new and feel more comfortable with the process.  Besides, I have a whole bunch of sock yarn.¹

I would like to do another crochet or knit a-long, but am having trouble deciding exactly what.  The last one I did, Pumpkin Face Throw was actually pretty fun…for me!  I did get some feedback from crocheters having trouble with making the square, and from what I understand, they were seasoned crafters.  That had me kinda stumped.  So, I think I’m going to throw some easy crochet and knit-a-long projects out there to give everybody a sense of accomplishment – so much better that way!  And I will endeavor to post my progress as I did last time.  I think I’ve found a beginner knit pattern that all of us could do and benefit from, but I am going to sleep on it, as specialty needles are required.

Also, I wanted to throw out a reminder that I do have a Crafting Links tab on my blog with free patterns that I find online and if you click on the parent tab itself (don’t click on the drop-down options), you’ll find I have a form you can fill out to contribute your discoveries or patterns.  I do have a pinterest page that has more patterns and pretty pictures of projects I will never be able to start, let alone, finish.  C’est la vie.

See you in the funny pages!


¹See stash

3 Things I Invariably Do While Knitting Socks


Exhibit #1

I’m knitting my 5th or 6th pair of socks – I believe my 6th pair – and it seems like I have a pattern going here. There are some things I just always do whenever I’m knitting socks. Number one: observe the exhibit! What it is, how it got there, or why it’s there is beyond me. 


Exhibit #2

Number 2: I always seem to forget a row of decreasing on the gusset.  Always.


Exhibit #3

Number 3: if I’m changing colors I will invariably snip the wrong strand of yarn. Whatever colors I’m switching out, no matter how obvious, my brain must register a different hue.  Number 4: I will never, ever sell these on Etsy!  I could never make me happy, and I doubt the customer world be happy, and I couldn’t even charge for the time put in.  I hope you guys are having a good day; enjoy
your Monday!

I Just Don’t Get Socks!

A great palette...

A great palette…

I’ve been crocheting a lot these days.  A lot.  In fact, every project I do seems to be crochet.  I love crocheting because it moves so fast, it’s easy, and versatile.  Because of the larger portion of my crafts appears to be crochet, I’m wondering if I should have come up with a different business name such as “Crocheting Crook” or “Hookin’ Mama”.  You see why I went with Nittin’ Ninja….  Anyway, I got to a point where I just came to a stop.  Writers call it a block, runners call it a wall, and I don’t know what else anyone calls it other than I got stuck.  I was working on a cute little zebra outfit for a baby photo prop and I got stumped on how to create a cute face.  Needless to say, I haven’t done the ears or the obligatory braids, but I truly couldn’t come up with a likeable  muzzle, and button eyes were just a big nothing.  Maybe I need to get the mane and ears on and every thing else will fall into place.  See what I mean?  So I’m done for awhile because…

unnamed (1)

We’ve only just begun.

I have started knitting another pair of socks.  For those of you who have read any of my previous entries while I’ve been working on socks, you’re probably rolling your eyes.  Why, Glenda?  Why are you starting another pair?  Because I want to learn socks!  I’ve knit five pairs and used three different patterns in order to get a good fit, and possibly to understand the whole process.  I recently purchased “Sock Knitting: Master Class” by Ann Budd and intend to use that…after I finish these socks!  My problem lies in the short rows, the gusset and whatever else.  These areas are always talked about, but for some reason, it ain’t gellin’.  I figure if I keep following a pattern and keep trying, I’ll remember and one day it’s going to make sense – BOOYAH!  LOL.

How did you guys overcome any learning disabilities, crafts related or otherwise?

See you in the funny pages.

Worst. Yarnbomb. Ever.

All was still well at this point.

All was still well at this point.

I’m sure a few of you yarn crafters out there had a pleasant I Love Yarn Day.  You made plans, you had fun, made some new friends, and you had fun.  I’m glad for you, and quite envious in the same breath.  I made plans, and that’s where it all started going wrong.

A good friend and fellow crafter, Kris Johnston, posted about a yarnbomb event in both New York and San Francisco, in their respective Union Squares, from noon to 2:00 pm.  I love San Francisco, and I wanted to do something special for this year’s I Love Yarn Day.  It seemed I had found my “thing”.  I contacted Kris and a date was made.  Being the little kid I truly am, not a 51 year-old middle aged woman, I couldn’t sleep very well the night before, so I slept in.  I texted Kris, who was all sweetness and understanding, then ran out of the door.  We’d be a little late, but we’d still catch the action.  That was the plan.

While driving to pick up Kris, I realized I had a headache, and it had the hints of being a migraine.  Sometimes this happens, and then the headache would go away.

I picked up Kris, we gassed up and went.  Being two ladies of a certain age, we had to make a pit stop at Peet’s Coffee.  This took no small amount of time, but we both decided that we’d still be able to hit the yarnbomb with an hour left.  She checked her iPad app for traffic and felt confident that we could navigate around the red areas.  What could go wrong?

By now, the headache has become more insistent, and I realize it won’t go away.   I hadn’t talked about it yet, but feel it’s starting to affect my mood.  Crap.  As we near the Bay Area, traffic slows to a crawl, nothing unusual there.  We cross the Bay Bridge and notice it’s being replaced by something not nearly as fun or impressive looking.  Well, I’m sure it’s an improvement, but I really like the old design better.

We get off at the Fremont exit, and almost immediately, we’re trapped.  And we stay trapped.  Still trapped.  Yup.  We inched ahead whenever we could, but it was very slow going.  We found a parking lot at Union Square itself, get ourselves situated, and found ourselves meandering across the street to hit up the bathrooms at Macy’s before checking out the alleged action.

We weren't going anywhere fast.

We weren’t going anywhere fast.

When we  get there, we found this.  We weren’t that late, and I felt confident that there’d be somebody left behind with their project, enjoying the rare afternoon San Francisco sun, but I guess not.  Pout.

We figured, while we there…you know.  So we went and ate some wonderful Italian food at Caffe DeLucchi on Columbus, then we went for an espresso at Caffe Roma,

Love the lanterns.

Love the lanterns.

Post card that came with the tab - cool!

Post card that came with the tab – cool!


No, we didn’t get any. My headache was so bad by now I FORGOT.

and then hit Molinari’s for some authentic Italian deli salamis and cheeses.  From there it was China Town to walk in all the little shops.

The headache never went away, in fact, Kris had to drive my car back to her home, and then I drove the last hour to my home…of course.  We still managed to have fun, but I was so incredibly disappointed to miss the yarnbomb, and yes, it was my fault for having slept in.  Going to San Francisco is never a waste of time, but can be very trying when it comes to driving.  NEXT time, I’ll make sure not to sleep through the alarm.

So how did you spend I Love Yarn Day?

Another Shop!

A new place to sell your goods.

A new place to sell your goods.

And another shameless plug. For you readers out there who aren’t crafters, this may interest you for holiday purchases (hint), and for the crafters who intend to sell, this may be something to investigate if you’re thinking of selling. Aftcra only sells handmade products crafted in the U.S. and there are no listing fees. Something to think about.  The format is a little different from Etsy, and there doesn’t appear to be an option to change the price of an item based on its size, such as an infant sized hat costing the same as an adult hat, and I can’t list pdf patterns.  Oh well.  I’ll see if I can sell there also!  I’ve added a link to my shop for those of you who are curious.