Maybe I’ve gone a little mad…

Well here we are, smack dab in the middle of spring and some beautiful weather, and I seem to be bubbling over with ideas.  After having fun with the pillowcases, I’ve decided I’m going to make an owl toy all on my own.  No pattern.  Just measurements and an idea.

Owl materials.  Don't have the idea solidified, so I just purchase a yard of each fabric!

Owl materials. Don’t have the idea solidified, so I just purchase a yard of each fabric!

And I have yet to figure out what to do with that bulky yarn I purchased and mentioned earlier in this blog, but I’ve got several ideas and patterns forming in my head.  You may be thinking, with on eyebrow lifted in bemusement, She may have gone mad.  But no!  I have a list to help me keep organized…kinda. See?

The List

The mad scribblings of someone who needs to get organized!

Granted, this list is subject to change at any moment.  In the meantime, I feel comfortable enough, feeling secure that I have a “plan”.  Now I just need to act upon it before coming up with anymore ideas that require purchase of more materials!

Which brings me to the catalyst of all this mad creativity: my mother’s coming for a visit on Tuesday.  My theory is, if I throw enough distractions in my mind, I’ll forget she’s coming…for a little while.  It makes sense, in a twisted sort of way.  And don’t act like you don’t know what I mean!  *sigh*

See you all in the funny pages.

And That’s that

Such a great picture!  They actually had a good friendship outside of the films and she offered to house him when he was dying of AIDS.

Such a great picture! They actually had a good friendship outside of the films and she offered to house him when he was dying of AIDS.

Has this ever happened to anyone else my age?  You have a favorite movie from, oh, let’s say, 1959, a little ahead of your time, but it’s still fun.  You’ve seen it lots of times and you understand that the character, Brad Allen, is a real dirt bag, but you also understand that the power of love will redeem him eventually…and for good.  In the meantime, it’s plenty of yucks, misunderstandings, and very archaic notions of propriety as Doris Day, who plays the lovely, modern (remember, it’s 1959, about two years before the birth control pill was approved for general use), yet very correct, Jan Marrow.  Their onscreen chemistry is brilliant, just like Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton in “Something’s Gotta Give”.  But that’s another entry.

One doesn’t bat an eye, when, near the end of the film, Brad Allen is carrying Jan Marrow through the streets of 1959 New York City in her pajamas and an electric blanket that she had wrapped around herself for decorum’s sake.  Brad carries her past a policeman, and she yells “Help!  I’m being abducted!”  The policeman nods to Brad Allen and asks him how is his day.  Brad answers the cop by his first name and you nod “Ahhh.  He knows him.”  And it’s funny.  It was one of my favorite movies.

Move forward in time by about 55 years, a sexual revolution and an epidemic of political correctness and all that entails later, and for some reason, I don’t know why since I’m such a Doris Day fan, I watch it for the first time with my daughter.  I saw the film through her eyes, with her current understanding of relationships and political correctness and everything changed.  The character Brad Allen was a stalker, a psychopathic liar, and needed to have psychiatric help and was not a likeable character.  The policemen would have stopped the pair in the street or he would have been fired, disgraced and any number of punishments and Tony Randall’s character, Jonathan Forbes, was the only slightly normal male depicted.  The part of Alma, played so deftly by Thelma Ritter, would have received some kind of AA treatment or would have been fired.  Who wants a drunken housemaid who, most likely, has access to your liquor and probably knows where you stash your folding money?

There was a lot more she pointed out while we watched, and the joy of sharing this gem from the past deflated with each pointed observation, that, really, wrecked it for me.  I know she meant well and we were bonding, but I wish I hadn’t shown this to her.  I still like it, but it’s kind of like going back to your old elementary school after quite a few years, you see that it’s changed a little, but you realize how small those swings are, and notice that the water fountains are so low that you’d have to bend your knees and back at such a steep angle just to get a sip.  Everything’s there, it’s still the same old haunt, but you’ve changed.


Okay, okay – just one more

So this is the second set of pillow cases I’ve made and I love, love them! Not only are they cute, they’re easy to make and fast. Instant gratification and they’re functional.  Wow.  What a combo.

And speaking of functionality, my husband has been terribly patient while waiting for me to finish his socks while I’ve been making everything else!  I married a sweetheart.


Another beauty, this one mid-century modern.


Ironing is so important.

Switching It Up a Little Bit


From time to time I will make a foray into the unknown craft.  Well, maybe not unknown,  but definitely not as comfortable as I am with knitting and crocheting.  I really do enjoy the finished product I get from my sewing efforts, so I went to a class today to improve my skills.  We were taught how to make some snazzy pillowcases and i couldn’t be more happy with the results.


Putting it together

As I’m now lying in bed, my head resting on my newly made pillowcase, I’m thinking of making more. 


The finished product.


Vintage Stuff

DSC_0146-1 (2)
I still have it.  27 years and counting!

I still have it. 27 years and counting!

Hey, everybody!  I bought this pattern booklet back in 1987 because there are also little Amish dolls in it, and I thought they might be a good toy for my baby.  I did make the Amish father and mother, and sadly, they were trashed long, long, long time ago.  I had always wanted to make the rag-style dolls, but I never got around to it.  While rummaging through all my old pattern books, I rediscovered this and thought “Why not?”.  So the idea for the dolls has finally taken root, after all these years and moves and etc., etc…  I have modified the design, slightly, and added another doll, but that does does not take away the kitschy vintage-ness of the finished product.  The images are links to that particular item in my shop if you want to investigate.








On Multi-tasking

I’ve been looking at crocheting the last two rounds that will finish off my doll’s hand for several hours, and I can’t do it.  I know a lot of people who can watch television and work their craft and finish up with a beautiful product.  Not me!  I’m in the middle of a funny movie, and I cannot divide myself like that.  One of the craft shops I frequent employs a talented yarn buyer/supervisor.  She’ll be walking around and checking on people, helping customers and making small talk with them, all while she’s knitting the latest item to display around the knitting/crocheting books.

How does anyone do this?  I feel a bit inadequate here.

Sweetcorn Salsa


I’m curious. Born and raised in California, I have always been a keen fan of salsas; however, this variation made me think. “Salsa” translates as sauce. What I’ve been eating all these years, I think, qualifies as a pico de gallo, which means rooster’s beak. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to share their favorite salsa recipe, and that is to include pico de gallo, fruit salsas, veggie salsas, whatever. Personally, I don’t have a specific recipe, but the ingredients for mine are the standard fresh tomatoes, chopped onions and garlic, cilantro and jalapeno, salt and pepper. Easy, classic, and effective!

Can’t wait to hear some other combinations!

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When you hear the word salsa there are usually one of two things that springs to mind; for the more energetic of you out there you might think of the Spanish, seductive dance; but for those of you like me (the less energetic), you will probably think of a spicy, tangy tomato based dip. I did however once take up salsa dancing for a short while; this was great fun but was brought to an abrupt ending when I got a glass of wine hurled in my face by a flying hand across the dance floor (note to self, glasses and salsa dance floors don’t mix). I was so incredibly embarrassed by this that I went to the toilets to wash the wine off my face and the first person that asked me if I was ok started the waterworks, and I continued to cry for about three hours! I…

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