The New Project Progress and a Freebie Pattern

A more stylized view of this delicious yarn!

A more stylized view of this delicious yarn!

About 1/3 of the way through my Autumn Wrap and I’m already doubting myself yet again.  I’m

Basket weave!

Basket weave!

not sure I like the color combos.  I adore the colors, but the way I’m putting them together just doesn’t seem to click.  Before I get too rash and throw away what I have done so far – ahem! – I will use all the colors and see how I like it then.  I understand that sometimes you need to have a little faith in your vision.  Maybe I’m jittery because this is the first time I have ever used two yarns at once and made the very simple basketweave pattern?  I don’t know.  We shall persevere.

On a more decidedly upbeat note, I have finally written down the pattern for my cute little baby booby beanie.  Back in December of 2014, I posted a pic of this:

Baby Booby Breastfeeding Beanie - sorry about the alliteration!

Baby Booby Breastfeeding Beanie – sorry about the alliteration!

I promised to post the pattern.  Being that it was December, my crafting life was definitely busy, and this simple little project was put aside.  It’s simple and quick and makes a great gift for the expectant/breastfeeding mother.  I’m sure you could also make this as a gag gift for an adult, but you’ll have to figure that out yourself – LOL!  The instructions are for up to 12 months.  Click on the picture to get the pattern, or go to the Crafting Links under Crochet and find it as Baby Booby Beanie.


Some Halloween Freebies

Click here for the link!

Click here for the link!

It’s coming up on my favorite time of year – autumn, and thereby, Halloween.  I loved running around our neighborhood and getting FREE CANDY!  I remember the costumes, some years really good, other years, just some makeup to grime the face and squeezing into old cast-offs for the “loveable” hobo ensemble.  So you’re not stuck with a last minute throw-together look, I’m putting a link to my Pinterest board aptly titled “Halloween”.  Not all of the pins are patterns, but they comprise an overwhelming majority.  This is by no means a comprehensive collection, but I figure it’s a nice start.  Enjoy!



Hope Springs Anew

There is an old saying in my neck of the woods that goes something like this: When you fall off your bike, you gotta get right back on. The message being something along the lines of don’t give up because you’ve fallen down, or made a mistake, or truly screwed things up. For me, that means I’m starting on another project, just a simple wrap. I will be trying something for the first time, but I feel fairly confident I can handle it, and that’s using two strands of yarn throughout.  Nothing fierce.  My biggest question is how wide I should make it, and should I keep it a simple garter stitch or stockinette or combo?

This is the color that will run throughout the wrap

This is the color that will run throughout the wrap

These are the contrast colors

These are the contrast colors


You Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em…

…know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run…

Now that I’ve got you thinking of that famous Kenny Rogers song, I do want to assure you there’s a reason I bring it up.  Actually, you’ve probably already seen the image that has me fleeing from my latest project.  The

The offending article. Notice I've already taken it off the needles in preparation for frogging!

The offending article. Notice I’ve already taken it off the needles in preparation for frogging!

colors and the transitions just didn’t come out the way I had envisioned.  It was supposed to represent the layers of ocean coming up to the breakers represented by the open wave lace, and then the green for earth.  After the three or four frogs I had to do, I figured it was time for this to go away….

I had recently finished two projects that took way longer than I thought they should and I didn’t want this top to take forever, so I chose an exceedingly simple box top style with no shaping whatsoever, and a cotton yarn that would be easy upkeep for casual summer wear.  When the design for the color transition had to be modified three times, I settled on the last one, even though it still wasn’t what I had originally imagined.  When the colors didn’t want to jive, I had to modify that several times before finding another color of the same type of yarn I’d had in my stash.  My husband joked that I could reimagine this as a Nordic beach.  But it wasn’t until the open wave lace work that made me give it up.  Oh, well.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A New Tutorial and an Observation

It has been quite awhile since I posted a tutorial.  I don’t have a video camera, but I have quite a good still photo camera that has the video option, and it just seems to take forever.  I five-minute tutorial can have as many as ten takes, and then the editing.  After all that, I always find fault with the video, but as long as it conveys the message, we’re doing okay.  This time I tackled the Magic Circle, which is one of those simple innovations that makes a big difference, and one wonders why it’s never been thought of before.

Which brings me to my observation.  I learned how to knit and crochet a few years back (euphemism for a LONG time ago!), and the main source of communicating was through paper publications.  You know, you still see the books on sale at the craft and yarn shops.  However, I’ve noticed that since the internet, people have actually been coming up with patterns and techniques never thought of before, or at least, never shared with so many people.  My question:  has the ease of communication via the internet created a more prolific crafting community?  Seriously.  Am I the only one who’s noticed this?  Let me know your thoughts on this!

Knitting While the Plumber Works


Knitting my gauge swatch for a top I’m creating and listening to all the industrial sounds the plumber is making. The soothing clicking of my needles is offset by the booming of my house being repaired.

My husband conversing with the wise workman in the other room, murmuring sounds of agreement and disappointment.

Click. Click.

ceiing disaster

What we found upon coming back from an expedition to IKEA. I had already removed the sheetrock at this time.

ceiling disaster 2

Murmur murmur

Shrug Finished!

So the shrug is finished and I’m not happy.  What is it about me and really long projects?  I end up hating them either because I’ve made some changes on my own and messed up, or…this.   Maybe I just don’t understand how a shrug is supposed to fit?  I knew the one size fits all was going to be a gamble because I’m a well-padded woman and I used needles two sizes too large just for this eventuality.  It doesn’t appear to have worked 100%.  Will I wear it?  Yup.  I didn’t spend all that time to let a little thing like correct fit stop me from wearing it!  Here is the pattern link:  Harvest Shrug.  If you’re thin and like the look, go for it!

Now onto my much anticipated (by me!) Hawaiian inspired shirt – finally!  I don’t have much time since it’s almost mid-August and I will be writing this one as I go.  It will be simple, but if I have to figure out the pattern, it’s going to take awhile.  Wish me luck!