Freebie Hooded Fox Cowl Pattern Just in Time for Christmas

For lack of anything interesting floating around in my head, I figured I’d better announce that this cute little pattern is available right here in my Crafting Links tab!  This design, and variations thereof, are wildly popular online.  I saw it and thought, yup.  I’m designing one myself.  So here it is.  This pattern can be made to fit infant to adult with a few easy modifications that are mentioned in the intro of the pattern.  And as usual, I am selling this in my Etsy shop and aftcra.  Below are the links.

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Author: Glenda

A photographer, knitter, crocheter, graphic media designer and definitely in a major romance with my laptop!

109 thoughts on “Freebie Hooded Fox Cowl Pattern Just in Time for Christmas”

    1. Under the photo of the girl in the item ^, near the left side, it says in ORANGE




      click on “pattern” and there you have it! 🙂

  1. Can someone please advise how they obtained the pattern…it won’t let me connect to it.
    Thanks…would really love to make this for my daughter.

    1. Hi, Christy. Underneath the gallery of pictures are three links in orange. The first one should take you directly to the pattern. If not, you can go to the Crafting Links tab, choose Crochet, and it will be at the very bottom of the list. Let me know how that works out. This pattern is so quick, you’ll be able to get this ready for Christmas. Have fun!

    1. Deanna, you’re welcome. As with everyone who days they intend to make it, please let me know how it turns out! I want to see your result, and if anyone comes up with modifications on the pattern. Those are so cool!

    1. Hello Glenda Thank you for sharing your pattern. Can you please tell me the ply of the wool you use as we can’t buy this wool in Australia and I would need to find something similar.Pt looks like a 12 or 16 ply but I would rather be sure before I buy, Thank you.

      1. Oh, gosh, Bethan. I’ve looked at the label and there is no ply count. It’s an acrylic yarn and it is rated 6 Super Bulky, if that helps any.

  2. Thank you so much…I don’t have a daughter but I will treasure this pattern you shared with me till the day comes when I get a Granddaughter…

    1. Thanks, Deborah. The beauty of this is that you can make it for your son, yourself, whomever. The size adjustments are really easy, and a gray color turns it into either a wolf…or just a gray fox. Have fun!

  3. I was wondering if you have a tutorial on this pattern. I am on row 11 and slip stitched the short ends together. Once I done that, it says to join yarn at lower left corner. I have a round circle open on front and back with no corners. I’m confused.

    1. Hang on. I think I got it. I should have said to slip stitch along folded edge. I’m thinking you slip stitched the “raw” ends, correct? I could see where that might be misleading. Tell me if this helps any.

  4. I can’t get the pattern to download either! It attempts to do so but always says”failed”. I want this sooooo bad! Help please!

  5. Thanks for posting this free pattern! I used it and made one for my 4 year old and it turned out great! The only obstae I ran in to was that the good was about 3 times too small so I had to triple its size. Besides that, I mixed and matched between single, double, half, and camel crochet stitches to give it a more textured look (since I was using only 2 colors, I wanted to add some other element to make it more interesting) I’ll link to your website when I post this pic on mine.

    1. Please do! I can’t wait to see all those different textures! And that’s the first time I’ve heard the hood was too small. Oh well. Everyone does things differently! 😉

  6. Thank you for posting this pattern for all to enjoy! I have a question, Where is the link showing us how to join the rounds in the cowl? Thank you!

  7. I’m working on making a couple of these for my toddlers. I’ve slip stitched together after row 11. I have a hood. Now should the seam be at the top or back of the hood when I’m looking at it?

      1. Hmmm… Clearly i did something very wrong in stitching my hood then. It has a proper shape but if the seam is art the back I’m left with the 11 rows x2 at the bottom and can’t for the life of me figure out how get 33 sc in. But if i flip it so the seam is at the top then around the bottom i have the remaining original chain and easily counted out 33 sc and 7 ch.

        I’ll have to start again

      2. Thank you. It’s not that it takes long to do 11 rows but id rather not completely frog it.

        Hopefully it’s something silly I’m doing

      1. The sizing is a rough guesstimate, and children all grow at different rates! That was a tough call, but I figure, the pattern is so simple, that it won’t take much to adjust to your personal size. I hope I was right!

  8. I am trying to make this cowl. I have finished the “hood” row 11 and folded it in half with long sides together. I slip stitched the sides.. But it definietly does not look like a hood. It looks like a “canoe” if that makes sense. I do t have any corners it looks like a circle. I have emailed you a pic to your email.

      1. Hi, Kelly. This seems to be a problem with a quite a few people, so I made this video. Hope it helps! P.S. Sorry about the poor quality – it’s just me in my dining room and some poster board!

  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting a pattern for this since I first saw one floating around. Then Lo and Behold! The best looking one I’ve seen yet AND you gifted it to the world! Again, thank you Glenda!

    1. Actually, I’m working on an adult hooded cowl right now! Just took a break. These should be nice and over-sized, so I increase by 2 sets of 4 = 8 sts. I also increased the depth of the hood by adding 4 more rows total. 😉

  10. Help please. Regarding the following: “Row 11: hdc the first 15 sts, inc 1 for
    next four sts, then hdc to end = 38 hdc”
    What does the inc 1 for the next four sts mean? Does this mean do two hdcs in the four sts?

      1. Hi Glenda,
        It’s Lonnie again. Thanks so much for this pattern. I’m making it for my great-granddaughter who lives in another state so I’m really guessing on the size. That aside I’m using Red Heart Fiesta Coffee and it is starting to look really, really nice. The mix of colors in this yarn looks great. I’ve just completed the hood and am starting on the cowl but I know it will be great. I don’t have the stuff to take pictures for you but this is a Christmas present and if you like, I’ll ask my daughter to send pictures.
        Thanks so much and also for your help!

  11. Hello I was wondering if you could tell me the traditional sizes in inches for hooded cowl for toddlers, and older kids. The length it should be from top of hood to bottom of cowl and the width of the hood when laying flat. I have been searching everywhere but can’t seem to find and answer. If you could possibly answer for me I would much appreciate it.
    Thank You

    1. Hi, Shanna. I didn’t think of the pattern in those terms – so sorry! My means of measuring was how it fit on the toddler in the picture, and I’ve made one for a young child, and I’ve made quite a few adult sizes, but I never thought of it in inches – oops.

      1. Oh darn, all I have to go on is myself and my other half whose 6’5 lol and I’m kinda a tight crocheter so patterns without measurements are always alittle difficult for me oh well Thanks for the speedy reply guess I’ll keep searching for those sizes. And btw I love this hood it is super cute!!

      2. Hi there,
        So far I’ve made two hat/hoods from this pattern. I am a very average size adult and use my own head as a model. The one that fits a large size or adult is 15″ top to bottom. The other is for a baby (no model) and is 8 1/2″ top to bottom. I don’t worry much about size as I’m crocheting and just work it by feel since this is such a simple pattern to follow. I hope this helps!

      3. I’ve found size charts for making hats for various ages (children and adults) on pinterest. I’m going to put them to use in the future. They are very simple.

  12. Thanks for the free pattern!!! My daughter in law wants one so thank you and Lonnie for the measurements!!!! The pattern looks easy so I think adjusting it won’t be a problem.

    1. That’s why I never bothered with measurements! In my thought process, it was so easy. But of course, I’m the one who knows exactly what I wanted LOL!

      I’m glad Lonnie gave the measurements.

      1. There is something about the baby size that is just sooooo cute! I don’t have the stuff to take a picture and share but take my word for it, in the tiny size this is just EXTRA cute!

  13. Glenda, Thanks again for the wonderful & easy to follow pattern..I made an additional one in grey trimmed in white fur and I am so in love with it…I want to try to make one to fit myself….

    1. For an adult size, I would start with an increase of 8 beginning chains. Work two rows and then drape that over your head to determine if it’s going to be long enough. Also increase the row count by four and again, check to make sure it’s going to be what you like. Don’t forget that there will be an additional row when you line the front. As for picking up the cowl, I’m really not a stickler for the stitch count. Whatever looks good!

      Let me know if this helps, Suzi.

    1. If you’re trying to access the pattern from am android device, it won’t work for some reason. Try it again from a laptop or desktop. I’d attach a direct link if I wasn’t responding from my android! ♡

  14. Hi Glenda
    thank you so much for sharing your pattern, I am an expert knitter and not so hot at crochet but cant wait to give this a try

  15. Iwas searching everywhere for this pattern to make this for my daughter and finally ihave it ☺ thanks alot for sharing..wishing for you amerry christmas and for all…

  16. Hi. I have a few questions if you don’t mind. 1. Do you work into the chain two at the end of the row, then skip first stitch when starting the new row? Or work first stitch and then not work the chain two at the end? I am increasing my stitch count on the hood. It had been a while since I worked HDC and I totally forgot there was something tricky about that part, until now. I have to frog six rows! (yes, it took me that long to notice I was increasing the count!) 2. Also, does it make a difference as to which way you use with how easy or not it is working SC around into the raw edges for the cowl? 3. If I wanted to lessen the point in the hood, can I just omit the increasing rows at the end? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi, Claire. In answer to your first question – I don’t know! I don’t think I’m working into the ch 2, but I’ve never thought about it and it comes out fine.
      2. I imagine you don’t need to the row of sc, it’s just an easier to stitch to work in the chain in front.
      3. And yes, if you want to lessen the point, increase only two or three times.
      Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you! So if I did not increase at all to lessen the point, would it be less floppy or roomy? I am just wondering if I should or need to increase at all. Thanks again

      2. I don’t think it would make a big difference in roominess. I’ve never done it without the increase, though. If you do it without the increase, let me know how it turns out, ok?

  17. I feel like it’s coming out too small! I’m making for an 8 year old and I increased rows but the depth just isn’t right. It doesn’t look roomy. Has anyone come up with expected measurements for width of the hood? Thanks =(

      1. I’d love to hear your measurements and how many rows you added for each! Specifically, the hood. I added four chains and two rows based on the suggestions, but it looks too small or not deep enough. Thanks SO much!

      2. Hi Claire. I checked the gauge, and we’re looking at 4 sts and 3 rows per 2″ in hdc. I’ve never checked any actual measurements. So far it’s worked.

  18. OK so either 4 stitches, or 3 rows, should be 2 inches. Correct? Or the whole square? My gauge matches the 4 stiches = about 2 inches and also 3 rows = 2″.

    1. Correct. The hood part is supposed to frame the face, maybe go a little past, but that’s about it. I know when I was fiddling around with the numbers I had to use my friend’s child!

  19. I am having some difficulty with the cowl part…it says join left corner chain seven, continue around 33 and chain 7 again…I can’t for the life of me figure out how that is supposed to work!

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